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What is SportSpots?

SportSpots is a new and exciting platform to help users find Sporting Events & Venues in their area

SportSpots - All the Sports, All the time, Sport Events

What problem do we solve?

We reduce the frustration of not being able to easily find Sporting Venues or Events happening in your city / province.


SportSpots is a functional website which is easy to use and has one purpose! Serving the lives of sports enthusiasts and fanatics around the world in today’s fast paced society. We offer relevant information on one website which makes locating and participating in various events considerably easier.

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Interact with like-minded people and increase your sporting circle of friends. SportSpots will be the biggest sporting community catering to all sports on one platform!

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With consistent innovation and a strong presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram you are unlikely to miss another event you are passionate about

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